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10 Proven Benefits of Ongoing Commercial Roof Maintenance

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It’s easy to take a roof over your head for granted … until it leaks. A roof is one of those out-of-sight items, but when it does draw your attention, it’s usually for a costly reason that wasn’t in your budget.

Wouldn’t you be better served to know someone else is watching out for these headaches that might come from overhead? Here are 10 benefits your company could gain from ongoing commercial roof maintenance:

  1. You Save Money: The average maintenance cost for a commercial roof, if you deal with problems only when you have leaks or other visible issues, is 25 cents per year per square foot. An ongoing commercial roof maintenance program can cost as little as 14 cents per year per square foot and catch and repair potential problems before they create leaks.
  2. You Save Money: Besides the cost of repairs, you also will pay for damage to your contents or operation or your tenants’ contents if your roof leaks. Roof leaks rarely reveal themselves during a light drizzle. They seem to always appear during a deluge and there’s no controlling how much water enters your commercial building. The headache becomes even worse if your operation has down time because of the damage caused by leaks.
  3. You Save Money: An ongoing maintenance plan will extend the life of your roof by several years, saving a major cost of owning a building. While roof replacement always should factor into your budget, wouldn’t it be nice to extend that timeline and make a smaller annual contribution to that particular line item?
  4. You Save Money: A well-maintained roof will cut down on your utility costs as your climate-controlled air will not escape, which can amount to a savings of tens of thousands of dollars in a commercial operation.
  5. You Save Money: Tenants are more likely to stay put or sign with your commercial property in the first place if they know you have a commitment to good maintenance and a safe environment.
  6. You Save Money: Your maintenance staff can dedicate their time to other projects in the building if they are not dealing with costly roofing issues and the cleanup after leaks. You also will save on overtime pay that often crops up during emergency situations.
  7. You Save Money: Your insurance company will look favorably upon your ongoing maintenance plan and likely give you a discount or at least not raise rates in the future because you don’t have expensive claims on your record.
  8. You Save Time: No longer will you need to spend your time dealing with finding a roofer in an emergency situation, talking with clients and staff about your reaction and recovery from a leak, meeting with insurance adjusters, or figuring out where in your budget you can squeeze to cover the emergency repairs. You can get back to serving as the leader for your business.
  9. You Make Money: Worker productivity goes up when they are in a safe, well-maintained environment. Even having better control over your interior temperature because air is not leaking out through the roof adds to worker happiness and productivity.
  10. You Sleep Better: Maybe you haven’t had to think too much about the roof over your head, but once you have a leak and deal with the aftermath, your roof never strays far from your thoughts. Imagine waking up to a big thunderstorm or heavy snowfall and wondering how the roof is holding up at your commercial building. With an ongoing maintenance program, you’ll be able to smile at the weather and drift back to sleep.