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Everything You Need to Know About Metal Roofing

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If you are considering a new roof, metal roofing should be at the top of your list. The popularity of metal roofs has boomed over the past decade for good reason. Homeowners across the nation are quickly learning just how wise of an investment a metal roof is.

The Progression of Metal Roofs

Metal roofs have come a long way from the old corrugated tin style roofs that used to adorn barns. Today’s metal roofs are high tech, fire resistant, durable and lightweight. They can be quickly installed and they’ll last much longer than most assume. Metal roofs even reflect heat from the sun. The result is a lower energy bill, as you won’t have to tax your home’s air conditioning system.

Metal Roof Composition

Most metal roofs are made of aluminum and steel. Some make use of other materials like alloys and copper, yet these are a bit more costly. Aluminum and steel are affordable, hold paint finishes well and can withstand winds and precipitation. Aluminum doesn’t corrode like steel, yet steel is harder so it isn’t as prone to denting.

A Metal Roof Will Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

A metal roof replacement comes in two types of aesthetics. There’s either shingles or panels. Once you delve into the specifics of each category, you’ll find all sorts of different patterns, colors and style variations. Panel style has lifted ribs every 6 to 12 inches. It is installed in a vertical manner on roofs and doesn’t even look like metal roofing. It has more of a commercial aesthetic that architects love.

The shingle style metal roofing is made of metal that is formed into distinct shapes that look like slate, Spanish tile or wood shakes. Metal shingles are usually given a factory finish over multiple layers. There’s also a top coat of granulated stone that adds to the effect.

The Environmentally-Friendly Solution You Have Been Looking For

Many metal roofs are “green”, as they are often made of a high percentage of recycled materials. When it is time to replace a metal roof, it won’t be a burden on the environment, as today’s metal roofs are 100 percent recyclable. It is also worth noting that many people mistakenly believe that metal roofs heighten the chances of lightning strikes. This is not true. If lightning ever did strike your metal roof, it would be safely dispersed across the entire surface area of the roof. Metal roofs are neither flammable or combustible, so there is hardly any chance of fire.

The Roofing Solution of Your Dreams

Ask anyone who has opted for a metal roof and they will testify it was well worth the money. Metal roofs are reliable, aesthetically distinctive and capable of withstanding mother nature’s wrath. So give metal roofing some consideration when the time comes to replace your roof. You won’t be disappointed with the results.

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